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High Quality Bluegrass

• Developed through years of research. Extremely adaptable and disease resistance.

• Grown on Hammonton sandy loam soil which gives Tuckahoe Turf the capability to transplant on any type of soil.

• Completely irrigated 800 acre farm allows production and deliveries of large quantities in the five state area.

• Large

Tuckahoe Fescue

• Let's you use Tall Fescue in the form of sod. Gives you instant athletic areas with low-maintenance long-term use.

• Once established, Turf Type Fescue requires little or no water other than Mother Nature.

• Fertilizing and lime requirements are one fourth to one third that of traditional bluegrass fields. Lower nitrogen and Ph requirements allow less maintenance.

• Tuckahoe Fescue Turf Fine has textured leaves and better turf quality than traditional Tall Fescue such as Kentucky 31.

• Tuckahoe Fescue Turf is ideal for up to 40% shaded areas.

Tahoma 31(R) Bermudagrass

• #1 in Spring Green Up

• #1 in Winter Survivability

• Plus, High ratings in Leaf Texture, Color, Density,Vigor and Drought Tolerance

Game Day Sod(R)

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