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We only use gold tag top quality seed. The cost is more but it produces a quality turf for our customers. Our sod is grown on Hammonton sandy-loam soil, which in turn, will transplant on almost any type of soil.

We use reel type mowers, not rotary which in turn produces a very dense turf. This type of mower gives us more blades per sq.ft. compared to our competition.

Our farm is fully irrigated, which produces a quality sod with no weeds or crabgrass. We have we have a fleet of delivery trucks with forklift service. Our drivers are experienced and knowledgeable to help our customers with questions they might have upon delivery.

For a Home Lawn :

Tall Fescue - A broader leaf. Fescue is good for shady areas and will tolerate full sun. Once establish Tall Fescue has a deeper root growth than Bluegrass and will tolerate drought conditions better than bluegrass. Fescue is good for back yards and pool areas.

Bluegrass - A thinner leaf. Is a dark green turf, and is good for full sun, irrigated areas. This will require a little more maintenance than Fescue turf.

Unsure - We invite you to come to our farm to look at both types of turf before you make your purchase.

For Athletic Fields :

Tall Fescue - Good for non-irrigated fields with low Maintenance. Can only be mowed down to 2 1/2 inches.

Bluegrass - Our Bluegrass varieties are aggressive and can handle heavy traffic. Tuckahoe Turf's Bluegrass is ideal for fully irrigated, well maintained athletic Fields. Can be mowed down to 1 1/4 inch. In some cases, even lower.

Game Day Sod(R) - Game Day Sod(R) for the field that needs to be ready for play in the shortest amount of time. Game Day Sod(R) is ready to play when installed.

Turfgrass sod can be installed year-round, even on frozen ground, if sod is available. However, sodding during the heat of the summer will require more water than cooler periods.

We ship as far west as the Mississippi, south to North Carolina, and north to the Canadian border.

In South Jersey it is 1200 sq.ft., our minimum outside of South Jersey is higher please call for those areas.

Turfgrass is a perishable product, the hotter the temperature the quicker installation needs to be completed. In the summer the turf needs to be installed that same day. In the fall and spring you have 24 hours depending on current temperatures.

We need a 8 1/2 foot opening to have forklift access and the ground should be pretty solid. The driver reserves the right to place the sod in a safe area if deemed necessary. Our drivers are experienced, they have installed turfgrass many times and will place the pallets to make the installation as quickly and easily as possible.

Generally in South Jersey we have a sandy-loam soil which is good for Turfgrass. The only downfall to sandy-loam soil is that it will require more water. To decrease the water requirements add organic material such as leaf mulch into the soil before sodding. This will help maintain moister in the soil.

Clay Soil - This is the hardest type of soil to grow sod on. We suggest to add good screen topsoil at least 3-4 inch over the clay and slope to proper drainage.

Sandy gravel - Sod will grow on this type of soil; just add plenty of lime and starter fertilizer.

If you can understand "Green side up", you can successfully install sod. Because turfgrass can be heavy, the help of a few friends is recommended.

Turfgrass Installation Guide for New Sod

Generally, in a somewhat open area with minimal trimming, three people can install 3-4 pallets per hour. Triangles and circle areas will take longer.

A 50 lb. bag of grass seed will cost less than a pallet of sod, but that's like comparing the cost of raw wool to a fine sweater. Turfgrass sod is a finished product that will provide nearly instant use, beauty and environmental benefits, whereas seed is an unknown that requires two or more years of on-going time, attention, water, fertilizer pesticides to reach maturity equal to sod on its first day.

Turfgrass sod can provide an instant patch by cutting out the old grass and trimming in a sod patch. Note this area will need extra water than your established lawn.

Customers can pick up at our farm as little as 10 sq.ft. at a time.

Each pallet of sod is 600 sq.ft. and weighs a little over a ton. In most cases a standard pick-up can hold 1 pallet of sod.

Yes, a good trick of the trade is at the end of the day lift up a corner of the new turf and if it is saturated you are watering too much. You want the new sod to be damp to the touch. If it is dry you need to add water.

Turfgrass Watering & Care Guide for New Sod

Depending on the time of year, sod generally takes 10-14 days to root. This is when your first cut should be. Let the lawn dry out before first mowing and set on highest mower setting. Do not take off more than a 1/3 of the grass height at one mowing.

We recommend that you use Big Rolls when the area is over a 1/2 acre and that area is open for tractor access. There is an exception when you are installing thick cut for areas such as goal mouths, etc.

Big Rolls generally weigh between 1400 lbs to 1900 lbs. You should have a tractor that is about 45 horse power with a three point hitch capable of handling the rolls. Turf tires are recommended.

• Quality grass simply needs water, air, sunlight and nutrients. In most areas, grass needs approximately one inch of water a week. During the heat of summer, water early in the morning to deter disease.
• Mow frequently enough (with a sharp blade) so you never cut-off more than one third of the grass blades in a single mowing.
• Prune trees so they allow as much light as possible onto the lawn.
• Follow a good maintenance schedule and check PH yearly. We have Maintenance supplies for sale at our Farm to keep your new turf in great shape for years to come.

Turfgrass Watering & Care Guide for New Sod

Yes, you can pick it up at our Hammonton farm. It is sold in 5, 10 and 50 pound bags.

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