Quality Turfgrass for over 50 Years
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Tuckahoe Turf is used at many of the countryʼs major ball parks and football fields as well as sports fields at schools, universities and municipalities.

Updated varieties of turf

Low-mow varieties

Sandy soil, great drainage

Big rolls – sliced, solid, thickcut

Grade A quality Championship Turf

Unparalleled installation service Mass quantity installation, finish quickly (up to 80,000 sq ft a day)

Two types of cool season grasses (Fescue and Blue)

Limited quantities of Warm Climate Grasses (Tahoma 31 Bermuda Grasses)

We use reel mowers, not rotary for a more dense turf and a cleaner cut

Custom grown sod

Can ship on our fleet of flatbed trailers with auto tarp systems to protect from mother nature’s elements or for long distance refrigerated trailers can be utilized


Tuckahoe Turf has installed sod in thousands of parks, football & baseball stadiums, soccer fields, universities, training facilities, municipal fields and more.

Our expert staff works with you to determine the proper cut and type of sod for your needs. In addition to our standard cut sod we offer a thick cut as well which allows for faster utilization.

We offer Tall Fescue, a good choice for non-irrigated fields with low maintenance that can only be mowed down to 2 1/2 inches. And our Bluegrass varieties are aggressive and can easily handle heavy traffic. Itʼs ideal for fully irrigated, well maintained athletic fields and can be mowed down to 1 3/4 inches and in some cases even lower.

For professional sports and those “high” profile fields our Game Day Sod(R) can be harvested, installed and played on in the shortest amount of time or as fast as you can line the fields.

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