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Let Tuckahoe Turf work with you to supply the specs for your next proposal. We'll provide information specific to your client's needs on projects ranging from athletic fields to industrial facilities to municipal parks. We'll recommend types of sod, types of cuts and answers to solve soil problems. Just fill out the form below.

Updated Varieties (bluegrass, fescue, Bermuda grass.)

Our installation crew will assure you of the finest fields obtainable

We have knowledgeable staff to help you choose sod types, thickness, or solve soil problems

Our turf has unsurpassed draining ability

We offer short-mow turf to accommodate the needs of premier athletic facilities. We offer Game Day Sod(R) that is short mowed.

We are able to meet the need

Tuckahoe Turf Farms has over 50 years of history growing the highest quality sod, raised lovingly and expertly from top quality seed.

Our sod is grown on Hammonton, NJ sandy-loam soil, which will transplant on almost any type of soil. Our farm is fully irrigated which produces a quality sod with no weeds or crabgrass.

We have a fleet of delivery trucks with forklift service and our drivers are experienced and knowledgeable to help you with any questions you may have upon delivery.

We offer standard 10 sq.ft rolls (24" x 60") with a 1/4 inch of soil under the thatch layer. We also offer "Big Rolls" which are 250 sq.ft. (4' x 62.5') with a 1/4" of soil or as much as 1.75”.


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