Quality Turfgrass for over 50 Years
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800 acres of the highest quality turf…

a fleet of trucks...state of the art technology...
and over 100 years of experience.

The Farming operations include twelve hundred acres, all family owned, eight hundred are cultivated, primarily in sod. The remaining five hundred acres consist of permanently preserved watershed, wetlands, and service areas. Tuckahoe Turf Farms is one of the largest growers of sod in the Northeast and a leader in new and innovative varieties of sod and growth technology.

In addition, we do specialty work, such as, golf course construction and major off-site seeding. Distribution is throughout New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and New Jersey.

In January of 1931, the farming family of Elmer Betts moved from Stratford, Connecticut, to Estell Manor in Atlantic County, adjacent to the Tuckahoe River. During the Spring of 1931 and successive years, Elmer and his son Walter operated a truck farm to support the family. They also grew cranberries in a nearby bog in order to pay property taxes.

Walt and his family continued growing truck crops for canning vegetables into the fifties. Through the fifties into 1967 lima beans were growing for Seabrook Farms. It was in 1967 when transition to the production of sod began, and by 1969 the entire farm was in sod production.

In 1980 the family Farm was purchased by Tom and George, who continue to operate it today, with their sons, John, James, Phil, and David.

The first land in Hammonton was purchased in 1980. With the availability of water and excellent soil conditions, the area made ideal site for growing sod. As a result, the Hammonton farm has expanded into the main operations with over 700 acres of sod under cultivation.

The third generation of Betts took the rings of the company in 1996. John, Philip, James and David continue the heritage of producing quality products including Game Day Sod(R), 100% Bluegrass Blend, our Fescue/Blue Mixture and our recently add Tahoma 31(R) Bermudagrass.

Sod production has undergone many improvements over the years with the most beneficial being the advent of the automated sod harvester and the development of improved grass varieties. Pivot and lateral machines irrigate the vast fields with little manual labor required.

We feel we're setting an industry standard in top quality sod and passing that standard to the third generation. We will continue to provide high quality sod and exceptional service into the next millennium.

Why is Tuckahoe Turf better than their turf?

Hardier turf. Less compression.
Our sod is grown on Hammonton sandy-loam soil, transplants on almost any soil.
Superior drainage. No pooling.