Why is Tuckahoe Turf better than
their turf for contractors?

800 acres of the Highest Quality Turf and 80 years of experience.

Tuckahoe Turf Farms has a long history of providing contractors with the highest quality sod, raised lovingly and expertly from top quality seed.

• Conveneint pick up; fields adjacent to office

• One of the only farms able to cut during and after rain

• Supplies picked up with sod if necessary (one stop shop)

• Grade A top quality sod

• State of the art harvesting equipment

• New updated delivery fleet

• Forklift service included with delivery

• Men to help handle load at pickup

• Freshest cut turf grass available

• Knowledgeable experienced staff

• Big rolls available for large jobs

• Our farm is fully irrigated - you get consistent quality even through the hot summer months

• No weeds or crabgrass

• Will deilver as little as 1000 sq ft.

As a contractor your livelihood depends on the quality of the service you provide and the quality of the products you use. Tuckahoe Turf Farms has an 80-year history of growing the highest quality sod, raised lovingly and expertly from top quality seed.

Our sod is grown on Hammonton, NJ sandy-loam soil, which will transplant on almost any type of soil. Our farm is fully irrigated which produces a quality sod with no weeds or crabgrass.

We have a fleet of trucks with forklift service and our drivers are experienced and knowledgeable to help you with any questions you may have upon delivery.

We offer standard 10 sq.ft rolls (24" x 60") with a 1/4 inch of soil under the thatch layer. We also offer "Big Rolls" which are 250 sq.ft. (4' x 62.5') with a 1/4 inch of soil.

What contractors are saying!

"We have been customers of TTF since 1970. Our business has prospered because of the working relationship we have with them, The soil is always top notch and they help us create top notch jobs."

Jeff Thiebault - J.J. Theibault Jr Landscaping,
Landscape Freedom High School

"While working at another company I was introduced to sod supplied by Tuckahoe Turf Farms. So when I started by own company Tuckahoe Turf was my first choicefor a sod supplier. I can rest assured that when I place an order with them I will receive the highest quality turf available."

J Leider - owner, Leider Landscaping

"Our field turned out GREAT. Larry and his crew were as terrific as advertised. Here is a hat with our new logo to add to your collection. Thanks for everything."

Dan - Reading Phillies