Why is Tuckahoe Turf better than
their turf for Athletic Fields?

800 acres of the Highest Quality Turf and 80 years of experience.

Tuckahoe Turf is used at many of the countryʼs major ball parks and football fields as well as sports fields at schools, universities and municipalities

• Updated varieties of turf

• Low-mow varieties

• Sandy soil, great drainage

• Big rolls – sliced, solid, thickcut

• Grade A quality Championship Turf

• Unparalleled installation service Mass quantity installation, finish quickly (up to 80,000 sq ft a day)

• Two types of cool season grasses (Fescue and Blue)

• Limited quantities of Warm Climate Grasses (Riviera and Sovereign Bermuda Grasses)

• We use reel mowers, not rotary for a more dense turf and a cleaner cut

• Custom grown sod

• Can ship on flatbeds or refrigerated trucks (for long distances)

Citi Field Lincoln Financial Field Lambeau Field Citizens Bank Park Progressive Field Philly Infield

Tuckahoe Turf has installed sod in thousands of parks, football & baseball stadiums, soccer fields, universities, training facilities, municipal fields and more.

Our expert staff works with you to determine the proper cut and type of sod for your needs. In addition to our standard cut sod we offer a thick cut as well which allows for faster utilization.

We offer Tall Fescue, a good choice for non-irrigated fields with low maintenance that can only be mowed down to 2 1/2 inches. And our Bluegrass varieties are agressive and can easily handle heavy traffic. Itʼs ideal for fully irrigated, well maintained athletic fields and can be mowed down to 1 3/4 inches and in some cases even lower.

What groundskeepers are saying!

"The sod that we received yesterday was once again, really nice. Makes it a whole lot easier to take from the pallet and put on the field without having to pick and choose. Much appreciated. We look forward to working with you again in the very near future. I would like to come up and take a look at your fields and tentatively pick a plot."

John Turnour - Washington Nationals
August 31, 2010

"Please find enclosed copies of our alumni magazine, The Tradition Continues, where on page 17 we recognize the Farm along with James and Chic. I tell everyone the key to the 2007 team's success was the grass! Thank you again for all your help."

Bill - Holy Spirit High School - Absecon, NJ

"Our field turned out GREAT. Larry and his crew were as terrific as advertised. Here is a hat with our new logo to add to your collection. Thanks for everything."

Dan - Reading Phillies

"We were up to mow the sod the other day. I took some pictures of the area. Looks great. In less than one month, filled in nice. Thanks, nice sod. Your #1!"

Robert L. Haase - Landscape Freedom High School