Artifical turf vs natural turf.

If youʼve wondered whether you should install artificial turf or natural grass itʼs important you make an informed decision. One based on the facts..Scientific research has documented the many benefits of natural grass to the environment . At the same time, artificial turf can result in problems you may never have considered.

Questions you need answers to.

1. Artificial turf is often made from rubber tires. Does this represent a
toxic waste and a serious disposal problem when it becomes necessry to
replace the field?

2. Temperatures on artifical fields can be significatnly higher than natural fields.
Can this affect players?

3. Can removing bodily fluids and animal droppings present a
sanitizing problem?

4. Can abrasiove surfaces in artificial fields result in viral or bacterial injuries?

5. Will the hardness of artificial surfaces result in injuries?

6. Why is natural turf preferred by 86% of NFL players?
Why do 96% believeartifical turf contributes to injuries?

7. Will natrual turf grass save energy?

8. Is the initial cost of artificial turf significantly higher?

9. Is natural turf better for the enviornment?
Does natural turf absorb carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses?

10. Does artificial turf have a high carbon footprint?

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